Lowbed (High Volume)

This model possesses all the advantages of a Low Bed, but was developed with lowered suspension in order to recuperate the usable volume in the rear portion of the semi-trailer.

Avantages :

  • The usable volume can reach 4690 cu ft
  • Available only with 275/70R22 in the rear and single 385/55R22.5 for the self-steering wheels.
  • Mass :9370 KG
    Volume :4637 P3/131.31 M3
  • dessin_technique_lowbed_haut_volume
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  • Door blowing Door blowing
  • Interior Door Full Width Interior Door Full Width
  • Tailgate closed mid-mid-toasting Tailgate closed mid-mid-toasting
  • Tailgate with doors that open inward Tailgate with doors that open inward