Logging Semi-Trailer

This semi-trailer was designed to transport logs. The main material for its construction is 100 PSI steel, making it very rugged and durable

  • Raise able suspension FHLS-30-U15
  • Single tires
  • 10 inch ground clearance with 11R22.5 tires
  • Rear suspension Intraax EDT or AAT
  • Several configurations available picket, bunk, tread, frame
  • Mass :8090 KG
    Volume :3580 P3/101.37 M3
  • dessin_technique_forestier_48
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  • Adding floor Adding floor
  • Aluminum wheel Aluminum wheel
  • Hooks cable reels Hooks cable reels
  • Light projector side Light projector side
  • Lights rear bumper Lights rear bumper
  • Strengthened bumper Strengthened bumper
  • Support spare tires Support spare tires
  • Sword Sword
  • Tire model Tire model